About RubyCoded

RubyCoded was born of a deep love of design. We love to listen to clients describe their vision for their brand and translate that into a complete branding and content strategy.

We provided freelance web design services to clients in the early 2000s before establishing RubyCoded to create beautiful websites for clients who share our love for delightful, responsive design.

Our work expanded to include providing branding and marketing when we saw that many clients required our dedication beyond their websites. We help new brands to find their unique identities and package their online presence in a unified style and language. We work with existing brands to refresh and rediscover themselves.

Our Lead Design is currently based in Shenzhen, where he leads a team that works with clients importing products from China. The Shenzhen team helps to source, inspect and ship goods internationally from China.

We love to help our clients grow with our expertise and knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.