Tap on our vast network of suppliers. Our team in Shenzhen can inspect your prospective factories anywhere in China.

We source for the suppliers that provide best value for quality in your existing product line or new products that might be the next big thing.

We are experts in product development from product conception, manufacturing, to logistics. Our wide network of suppliers offer you quality products at the best prices and delivery. We can offer you new products that are not yet available to the market.

We discover products people love.

Product Sourcing
We help you to find the most reliable suppliers for your products and negotiate the best deals with them.

Product Customisation
We provide custom products, be it as simple as adding your branding or creating unique designs.

Product Discovery
We are constantly looking for new products that could potentially be the breakthrough product in your market.

Supplier Selection
We have a wide network of dependable suppliers that we constantly review to ensure the best practices to provide on-time delivery of quality products.

Quality Control
We ensure your orders pass our stringent inspection checks based on your specifications before shipping them to you.

Logistics Services
We provide warehousing and shipping services through the fastest shipping channels to you at the most competitive prices.

China Based
We are based in Shenzhen, China to inspect suppliers and shipments personally, and ensure they meet our high quality and delivery standards.

Proven Track Record
We only recommend suppliers that we would trust to produce our own in-house brands because you deserve the proven best.